The extra virgin olive oil market and the excellent properties of this product are still unknown by most people. Cincolivas aims not only the direct sale of products to end customers but also the knowledge of them go extending every day a little more.

If you are reading this section, you probably have some Business catering, gourmet shop, Distribution business ... WE CAN HELP YOU! because we offer you the Best Spanish extra virgin olive oils of all varieties and formats, adapted for you with the best prices.

You just have to place your order on the web in an easy and simple way and benefit yourself with significant discounts. Here we detail the most important aspects you need to consider:

You can choose the brands and quantities you want for each of the oils, it is not necessary to purchase a minimum quantity of a particular product.

Remember to enter the "Coupon Code" section of your order the word MAYORISTA, which lets you 8% DISCOUNT on your purchase.

If you make payment by Bank Transfer you will benefit from an additional discount of 2%.

Take advantage of FREE Postage, from 450 euros of purchase. (See deliveries to certain areas in Europe).

In any case, remember that our team can answer all your questions or give you the information you need. Get in contact with us:

- Phone: +34 979 70 10 75

- Send us your inquiries:

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