Juan Carlos García Cincolivas


Cincolivas is a family project that was forged slowly, until in 2009 it finally materialized in the form of internet portal. This project today is a website with national and internacional reference, which aims to raise awareness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and thereby the best brands.

Cincolivas is supported by the group to which it belongs, BGC Distribution Center, which has an outstanding experience with over 40 years in the Sector of Distribution and Sale of Food and Beverage.

All these goals that have been achieved are thanks to the human capital that we work with, young and highly qualified. This great team allows us to guarantee to all our customers good care and service.
Oficinas Cincolivas

What makes us different?

Cincolivas is not only one more shop. Cincolivas is the perfect place to not only find the best Oils Extra Virgin, but also the best service and attention, helping personally to find the oil that best suits your search or need.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils offer an excellent value for money, besides being Oils whose rank is higher, as it is proved by the national and international awards that received.

Undoubtedly, our wide range of brands and varieties can bring this product to any consumer. We offer a wide range of possibilities, capable of satisfying the common interests and the more specific ones.
idades, capaz de satisfacer tanto los intereses más comunes cómo los más concretos.

Almacén Cincolivas

Why buy on Cincolivas?

Talk about Cincolivas is talk about Trust, Security and Guarantee. The satisfaction of our customers over the years is our best reference and brand image, which has allowed us to reach ever further.

We guarantee the origin and quality of all brands of Extra Virgin we sell on Cincolivas, olive oils you can always buy at the best price and best service.

Team of Cincolivas.com