Picudo Olive Oil

The name of this variety is easy to remember if we look at the fruit, because if we look at the olive we notice that there is a pointed and curved apex and its nipple is pronounced.

Geographically it is a variety that is particularly widespread in Andalusia, particularly in the provinces of Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Jaén and especially highlights the Designation of Origin Baena and Priego de Córdoba. Currently it has an area of about 60,000 hectares.

Like other varieties such as Arbequina or lechín, their oils will be a little delicate to oxidation and therefore the duration of their properties will be less. So, it will be necessary to keep these olive oils away from the light more than any other.

Despite this, it is a variety with a really good features, with excellent balance and sweetness. It usually haven´t got hard flavours and sometimes remind us exotic fruits, apples or macaroons. Visually oils are often yellow, greenish yellow or golden yellow.

This is a variety that often could be mixed with other varieties, so we have selected the best oils blend containing this variety for you to choose and be yourself who choose what you like best. On other occasions it is also used the monovarietal extra-virgin Oil to appreciate better the properties of olive oil, picuda variety.

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    Cladivm Picudo known for having an intense fruity green olive, with a soft entrance on mouth, progressive bitterness and consistent spicy finish. It is an extra virgin very balanced you will love as you try it.

    10,39 € 10,94 €
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