Olive Oil for Restaurants

The extra virgin oil is a small detail that can add value to any business.

For this reason we present the best extra virgin oils Premium in 250 ml with non-refillable cap, especially suitable for catering. It is a perfect size format for presentation at table.

We also want to offer alternative solutions for your business such as individual capsules, which remains in perfect condition oil properties to consumption.

Achieve your customers ask you about this oil so exceptional that you had offered to them. They will talk about you.

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  • 2,23 €

    Casa del Agua is a medium intensity extra virgin, very stable, balanced and smooth, though with great body, which makes it a very suitable oil for use in traditional cooking: frying, stir-fries and stews, but also to take raw, in fact, you will love a plate of octopus with this oil.

    2,23 €
  • 1,95 €

    Aldea de Don Gil is an extra virgin olive oil of high quality blend, blend of: Hojiblanca, Picudo and Picual whose properties are unique and special for our Mediterranean diet. Its format in a can preserves for longer its properties because light does not penetrate directly. It is a virgin extra very rich in natural antioxidants.

    1,95 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items