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In the south of the province of Córdoba is the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas. The steeply sloping terrain rises up above beautiful narrow valleys. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, rich in holm oaks, Mediterranean oaks, maples and European hackberry trees, and there are also native species of flowers and bushes.

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Using the most thorough and careful checks to certify the quality of our extra virgin Pórtico de la Villa olive oil. Strict compliance with these regulations gives an added value to the consumer, who purchases a product that meets all the requirements in all the production, preparation, packaging and labelling phases.

Ever since the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by the Romans, written evidence has been found which refers to the quality of our olive oil and the way of extracting it. This ancient culture has survived down the years, passed on from generation to generation, to the present day. Our olive growers work at the delicate task of harvesting the olives, making sure that the tree is not damaged. We then transfer it to the oil press in individual boxes, where it is ground daily using the latest technology and a technical team that bears comparison with the major companies in the field, obtaining the best results.

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14800, Priego de Córdoba
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