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    Parqueoliva Gold Series can be used both for frying and for raw, ideal for making sauces or marinated meat and fish. It is also an excellent companion to eggs and sauteed vegetables. Its organoleptic properties and health benefits, give numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help us lose weight, prevent mental decline and...

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    Oro del desierto is an authentic extra virgin from the varieties Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina, in which the qualities of each variety have been kept to the smallest detail to give us this wonderful oil. It is an exclusive oil in taste, aromas and textures.

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    Four of the best extra virgin oils in the world gathered in this exclusive pack that will surely make you enjoy the most outstanding properties of olive oil. As a gift, you will certainly succeed because of the excellence of each and also note that you are giving health, so it's a double gift: taste and wellness.

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    Elegant wooden box that will not leave anyone indifferent. The oil Cortijo Suerte Alta Designation of Origin Baena (Córdoba), is thoroughly prepared and always respecting the environment, so they get a supreme and outstanding quality in both varieties included in this case.

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    Pagos Baldíos is a bright golden oil as they come, and differs by the great fruitiness of its fresh, green and aromatic olives, with notes reminiscent of green apple, fresh grass and unmistakable touch of banana. The palate is very sweet, no bitter and slightly spicy, with a long almond aftertaste.

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  • 32,00 €

    Oro Bailen is an extra virgin olive oil whose superior quality gave it numerous awards and had been chosen, for several years, the best oil in the world. This Arbequina oil mainly notable for having medium intensity, with a soft and delicate taste on the palate, a very light late bitterness and a little more remarkable presence of spiciness.

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  • 13,40 €

    It is an oil-intensive, balanced and harmonious, with some bitterness and itching that leaves a good taste. That is why it can be used in all culinary areas being very apt to enhance the flavor of certain foods, such as grilled meats, hunting, sausages and salads.

    13,40 €